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Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
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We can supply complete timber dryer system.

BASUKI  conventional Kiln Dryer system, no matter the type of the chamber Masonry or Aluminum Prefabricated we can supply the best system in its class.

Masonry Kiln Chambers, where building materials are cheap and easily available the kiln chambers may be constructed in this form. However, heat loss in masonry chambers is greater than the aluminum prefabricated chambers. In case of the chambers are contructed in masonry BASUKI can supply the rest of the system.

Aluminum Prefabricated Kiln Chambers, this chambers applicable for remote areas or countries whereby building material are expensive. The complete kiln building and all supporting structures are in aluminum including walls, doors and roofing panels. The wall, door and roofing panels are insulated with high density insulation material in sandwich construction to prevent heat loss. In timber drying, one of the biggest maintenance worries is corrosion as corrosive vapors are released during the drying process. With all Aluminum structure chamber, all components are corrosion-proof.